Monday, March 29, 2010


As you read this newsletter you will see we had an exciting and eventful month. We had the opportunity to meet with our adopted unit and the Servicemen and Women who come from as far as New Mexico for their drills. They are excited that we have chosen to adopt them and look forward to many events involving us and the support of their unit. They welcome us as part of their family. One of the Airmen stated she has the desire to join our Post, even though she resides elsewhere, because she feels that she belongs to us as much as we belong to them.
Over Memorial Day weekend we had another successful Buddy Poppy Distribution. The contributions from our community exceeded $1400.00 all of which goes directly to our relief fund.
I want to thank all of those who gave of their time in support of this program. As with all projects more volunteers are needed, why not plan to spend an hour or so in November during our Veterans Day Distribution?
Our Memorial Day Flag Raising ceremony was a great tribute to our fallen Comrades. Plans will be in the works for making this event larger with more Post and Community participation. Remember these events are time for reflection and honor for past and present Veterans. I would like to see more participation from all of you. Attendance at these functions should mirror attendance at our Post meetings. My challenge to each and everyone is to get involved. Together we can make great things happen in our community!
Plans are being made to form our Ladies Auxiliary. The Ladies are a vital part of the VFW. Remember, not only are our Spouses eligible but so are daughters, granddaughters, nieces. In essence any female over the age of 16 that can be connected to a VFW eligible person is eligible. More information will be provided at an upcoming meeting.
In your service,

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Maricopa Veterans Center is located at
 44240 W Maricopa/Casa Grande Hwy
It is home to two Veteran Organizations
Tracy P. MacPherson VFW Post 12043
 American Legion Post 133
The VFW meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm
The American Legion meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm

The MVC looks forward to being a facility offering Veteran Services but also serve as a center for other groups in need of a meeting place.

Flag Raising Ceremonies

Flag Raising Ceremonies are held on all National Holidays, Recognition Days. Join us on these days at 8:00am at the Veterans Memorial located at the Rotary Park on Maricopa/Casa Grande Hwy

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Support the Troops with a Bailey Box

The Veterans of Foreign Wars have turned one man’s passion for helping his fellow servicemembers into a community wide effort.

Herb Bailey, a disabled Vietnam Veteran, has been sending care packages to deployed troops for several years. As a one man show, he has been able to help, but not make the impact he envisions.

Bailey and other VFW members are asking the Maricopa community to join this home grown cause to help those who make our way of life possible. The objective is to collect as many goods to fill boxes with as possible. And, most importantly, gift cards to pay for the shipping. Bashas’ and Fry’s both carry gift credit cards, which are ideal for shipping costs. Each box will cost at least 10-15$ a piece.

Goods need are as follows: Sundries, candy, peanuts, granola bars, playing cards, beef Jerky, baby wipes, gum, sun block, CDs, DVDs, thirst quench beverages, magazines, books or anything someone stuck in the desert with nothing might want.

Donations can be brought to the Maricopa Veterans Center, 44240 Maricopa Casa Grande Hwy or contact Commander Wood at

Thanks for your support!